The traditional way to introduce coaching in a company is through the Top-Down system. However, to develop an effective and sustainable coaching culture in a company, the Bottom-Up method has proved considerably more effective.
The Start-Up package enables you to start a 30-day training for up to 15 employees for EUR 199!
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TOP-DOWN < 5% employees involved in coaching after one year
How to implement coaching culture in a company?
It represents a bottom up approach, where all level employees are included in the coaching process from the beginning.
Why implement coaching culture in a company?
It represents a top down approach, where companies invest in manager education with coaching techniques and skills.
DayAct is one of the latest iCoaching platforms for the development of coaching culture in a company. In difference to e-coaching, in which the coaching takes place through Skype, iCoaching is a fully independent solution.
Some characteristics: • it is intended for employees at all levels,  • the first tangible results appear within a few days,  • the emphasis is on the behavioral aspects of coaching,  • the use of coaching efficiency indexes and metric systems.
Some characteristics: • it concentrates on managers and heads of departments,  • the first tangible results appear within several months,  • the emphasis is on learning various coaching techniques,  • the use of questionnaires to measure the efficiency of coaching.
The Start-Up Package
Coaching Culture gives the feeling of ownership, better networking, more efficient management practices and stronger involvement of employees, leading to better results for the entire organization.
The Start-Up package is intended for companies and organisations that wish to begin to implement coaching culture in the company.  The Start-Up package offers access to the DayAct iCoaching portal with the pre-developed content for self-coaching at the level of the entire company / department. iCoaching brings the following advantages: • it does not interfere with the work process,  • it can be adapted individually,  • it can be accessible to all of your employees,  • it has a standardized (Step-In) implementation process.
BOTTOM-UP>90% employees involved in coaching in first three months
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